What to Look for in a Family Tent

The warm summer nights beckon all to view nature’s light show, with a blanket of stars and the aurora borealis alighting the night skies with a view that even keeps the animals breathless. We love to camp, to sit by the campfire at night telling stories and sharing jokes, making schmores and toasting marshmallows on sticks. One thing that most every camper will need to realize this dream is a tent, and what to look for in a family tent is your family. If not, you’ve got the wrong tent, so apologize and keep moving, fella!

For the backwoods campers, having some privacy from other campers is not as much of a priority as it is for campers using campgrounds, as screen tents can be used to simply keep the bugs out of your sleeping area when camping in the wilds. But for camping in areas where there will be other people, you will need an opaque tent, made of canvass or a polymer-mix. For family tents, look for waterproof materials and bug-screened windows, with removable roofs for those clear, starry nights.

If you have 6 members in your family, and you want them all to camp in the same tent, you should make sure that you have a tent rated for at least 1.5 to 2 times as many people that you are bringing. And get your head checked. Aside from a great deal of patience and a strong sense of humour, you will need either one tent large enough for the entire family, plus room for backpacks, a cooler and other gear. Make sure to over-size your family tent, as too much room is much better than not enough room.

Taking six people camping in a tent rated for six people will see you crammed with no room for turning over in your sleep. Of course, you can always have a tent for mom and dad, one for the boys and one for the girls, or any combination of sleeping arrangements that keeps the kids happy. Having children of closer age levels in different tents would help them to relate to their sleep mates better.

Modular tents are the newest trend to take the camping business by storm, and the possibilities are almost endless for how you can set up a tent. With corridors that connect two tents, side rooms for storage, smaller sleepers or the family pet, storing coolers, lights and other gear, the style and form of your tent can be as wild as your imagination. There are bug-screen rooms, canopies big enough to eat under during a rain shower, and even smaller, storage tent cubicles.

Each major portion of the modular tents have 4 to 6 zippered doors, and all modular components of each separate manufacturer will fit to any of the zippered doors, with connecting tunnels of different lengths, many of which will have compartment-adding doors along their lengths, for adding more tunnels to, so that you can make a big, circular compound if the urge hits.

For a splendid and fun camping experience, the new modular tents are, by far, the best tents for taking your family camping. Each year you can invest a little more, and buy compartments and other gear for outside the tent, to make each successive family camping trip more fun, relaxing and private. The only limit is your imagination.

Camp safe. Camp informed.

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