Top Six Person Family Camping Tents

Many families are looking for more affordable ways to get away from it all. Camping is now the thing to do for many families, however many don’t realize that there are a lot of different tent options to choose from. The size of your family as well as the comfort level that you are looking for will make a huge difference. Below you will find some of the top rated six person tents. Be sure to click on the link for each tent and visit the site to take a look at all of the comments written, and see all of the additional details.
Coleman Six Person Instant Tent

Right now the instant tent is one of the most popular tents among many families. This tent is great for families who are just starting out with camping. The tent is easy to set up and you can practically do it yourself. This tent comfortably sleeps six people, but the bag itself is heavy and bulky to carry, so make sure you have plenty of car space. You can comfortably fit two queen size mattresses inside. Prices can vary per website so be sure to look for deals.

Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Done Tent

This tent will cost you about $300 but it is really well worth the money. It sleeps six to ten people and is actually divided into about two rooms. It has the BoBe Dry rain protection system, which is a must when you go camping. This helps to keep the tent from soaking up rain. It also has a water proof rain fly. If it starts to rain a little bit during your trip this tent will keep you really nice and dry.

TAURUS Six Person Family Camping Dome Tent

This tent is very comfortable for six people, and it is completely water proof. If you are worried about rain or dew getting inside the tent, which sometimes happens when camping, but this tent will keep it out. This tent also helps to keep the bugs out. It offers separate rooms for privacy, and it is extra secure so it really keeps the bugs out. It also has guy ropes which helps to keep the tent secure in strong winds. On average the price is about $400.00, but it is really worth the money when you see exactly what you are getting.

PROSPERO 6 person family camping tent

This six person family camping tent is great for a family of four, or even a few more. This tent will cost you about $300, and has a UV coating to it. The inside areas are nicely separated and it has a waterproof floor and rain fly. The doors are made of solid fabric, and there are tents to help with the air flow. The unique look of this tent is also really nice if you are looking for something a little different.

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