Take Your Tent to the Beach

What better way to get out of the busy city than spending some time in the nature. If you are camping in a tent you never leave the beach. In the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, instead of opening the TV in a hotel room, you can just take a nice walk near the sea. The beach looks like a corner of heaven in the night time.
There are a few things you have to keep in mind before heading of to the camping area:

1. Choose a big tent!

You need all the comfort you can afford, especially if you’re going with more than one person make sure you have space enough inside the tent for you language and for sleeping. When you live a few days in a tent it is not as comfortable as in a hotel room. Therefore if the tent is not big enough It will make things more difficult.

2. Look for a quiet camping area

The reason you are camping on the beach is to get out of the noisy city, to get some piece and relax. This will not happen if you install your tent in a crowded camping area. Some of your camping neighbors will want to party when you’re trying to get some sleep. When there are just a few tents everybody has their privacy.

3. Pack the right clothes!

Long pants and a sweater shouldn’t miss from your luggage. Even if it’s in the middle of the summer don’t forget that you’re sleeping in a tent, and at night it is colder. A couple of blankets won’t be a bad idea either.

4. Take with you some games and books!

If you’re going camping with your family it is a great idea to bring some games and books. This way you will not have a chance to get bored because there will be always something to do.

5. Eat healthy and cheap!

It is a lot cheaper to bring with you a mini fridge full of aliments and drinks than to eat at restaurants all the time. You can eat once a day a warm meal at a restaurant but fort the rest of the day you can make your own fresh sandwiches.

6. Watch out for the mosquito!

To avoid fighting with insects during the whole camping vacation you can take a special skin cream. This you can find at any pharmacy.

7. Make new friends!

When you are camping on the beach you have the chance to meet a lot of people. In vacation everybody is a lot friendlier. Camping in a tent on the beach will be a lot more fun with friends around you sharing the same adventure. It is also a great thing for your kids to find other children to play with.

8. Shut off your phone!

You wish to get away from all the stress in the city by staying a few days on the beach. If your phone will keep on ringing it will be impossible to relax and enjoy the adventure of camping in a tent.

9. Enjoy the sea water!

If you’re camping on the beach you must take a bath in the sea at night time! The water is warmer than during the day and you will not regret it because it is a great experience.

10. Respect the nature!

Clean the place your tent was before you leave. This way you will preserve the beauty of the beach.

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