Product Review: Coleman Bayside Tent

A good day can be hard to find especially if your looking for one that fits a family of four or more. My husband and I went camping last year and we wanted to find a good tent that had all the features that we wanted. After shopping around we found a tent that we really like. The tent is called, Coleman Bayside Tent. I like the Coleman Bayside Tent for so many reasons.

The Coleman Bayside Tent is big enough for a family of four to keep us comfortable. The one we got is actually a seven-man tent. So there is extra space not for us but for our camping gear. The measurements of the tent we got are 72Hx180Wx120D inches. This is a two-room tent that has a den with it, which you can use to put your pet in if you have one. We don’t have a pet so we either use that area to store our stuff or that becomes our little dining area were we eat.

The Coleman Bayside Tent is resistant to weather conditions. Last summer when we camped out at the beach it rained at night. It was a very stormy night. There were gusty winds and showers. I think if we were in any other tent we would have been drenched wet. The Coleman Bayside Tent kept us dry the whole night. The floor of the tent is waterproof so underneath we cannot get wet. The tent comes with leak-proof and protected seams. It has a weather resistant fabric, which is made of polyester, polyethylene sheeting and fiberglass. It has a strong frame design and a zipper guard to further insures security against harsh weather. Other features that are included are welcome mat, several pockets and a gear loft.

The Coleman Bayside Tent looks nice. The one we got came in the color blue. It looks real stylish for a tent and will look great wherever you set your tent. I love that the tent is tall enough for me to stand in which was rare with the tents I have had in the past.

My husband and I purchased the Coleman Bayside Tent at Target. It cost $100 dollars without tax. The tent is well worth the money especially with the warmth and protection that it provides. The Coleman Bayside Tent is a product that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys camping.

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