Marmot Earlight 2P (2 Person Tent)


Includes Gear Loft and Footprint

  • Sturdy Shelter
  • DAC Press-Fit Poles – Have Press-In Inserts for Increased Durability
  • Full Coverage Fly
  • Bare Bones Setup – Allows the Fly to be Used by Itself with Footprint to
  • Lightweight
  • Fully Waterproof Floor with Taped Seams Lifted Off the Ground


Let’s start with the weight and configuration. The manufacturer claims the weight of 5 lbs 5 oz / 2401 g and in the minimum configuration of 75.80z/2150 g. It is very good for two person tent with two tambours. I weighed and was upset, the weight is 97.3 oz/ 2761 grams. I believe, the manufacturer does not takes into account the weight of the footprint. I thought that it was not included in the standard package and I purchased it separately.

Marmot footprintFootprint is the second bottom of the tent, which allows it to be installed without the inside and protects the bottom from damage. I think, for bike trips, I should not use it, it was just laying on the the bike.

The weight of the components of the Marmot Earlight 2P Tent.

  • Shelter- 34.9oz /988 g
  • Fly tent- 32.4oz/918 g
  • Bare bones – 140z/398 g
  • Pegs (9 pieces, each for 063oz/18 g)
  • Straps – 6oz/172 g
  • Tent bag – 1.5oz/43 g
  • Footprint – 8.5oz/242 g

he just lay on his bicycle.


It is hub tent, probably the most popular at the moment. Set up is easiy and quick. I really liked their proprietary “DAC Press-Fit Poles – Have Press-In Inserts for Increased Durability

The tent is designed for two people. And it is quite spacious for two person. I like the big vestibules. You can place there a lot of stuff. And there are two entrances, it is very good! “Two doors design” was one of my most important criteria when choosing, not counting the weight.

The fly tent ventilates perfectly. Someone admires the ideal circulation of air in the tent, that there is never a condensation, and someone writes that it is impossible to sleep in it, it’s very cold and blows from everywhere.

I think, it is perfect, especially in the summer. And when it’s cold, the tent is quite comfortable too. Your sleeping bag should warm you, but not the tent.

Marmot Earlight canopy gap

There are a lot of pockets inside – 6 ones and one shelf. Zipper work fine. As the manufacturer claims – zippers are noiseless. The doors can be fixed so that it does not disturb when entering and leaving.

Canopy tent comes in bright orange and green colors. In the tent there are two ventilation windows. Quite large size, you can open and close them. The fabric does not go down to the ground. There is a gap made for better air circulation. The tent is designed for three seasonal use periods. My friends used the tent also in the winter, they spent the night at 5F. There were no censures.

The window in the canopy is also a controversial thing. I believe, it is not bad to see what is happening on the street, and on the other hand someone can look into it. In principle, the window can be covered from the inside.

I liked that the distance between the canopy and fly tent is quite large. They don’t touch each other in rain and wind, as a result they don’t get wet. The seams are well and reliably glued.


What I like

  • It is compact
  • Large vestibules, quite a lot of interior space
  • A lot of pockets
  • High quality zippers
  • Attachments to the bare bones

What I did not like

  • Weight weight is more than were claimed
  • Lack of rope for a side stretching

Doubtful design features

  • The canopy has too big gap to the ground
  • Window

But in general, it is a great tent. I recommend it.

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