Buying a Motorcycle Tent

There are few things to consider when reviewing and purchasing a new motorcycle camping tent. Deciding what your new tent budget is will help narrow your choices. Most motorcycle tents are compact, lightweight and easy to carry on your motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Rider's 4-Person Motorcycle Dome Tent
Harley-Davidson Rider’s 4-Person Motorcycle Dome Tent



This will probably be your greatest consideration. Most tents designed for motorcycle camping are 1 or 2 person tents. Tent capacity is based on the total number of people who will be using the tent at one time and their gear. Chose a size that can easily accommodate the number of persons and what gear needs to be protected. Solo riders may opt for a larger 2 person tent depending on how much gear they have to Stowe.


Weight is not a huge concern since you will not be carrying the tent as a backpacker would. But smaller tents are usually lighter and easier to pack onto your bike. Most backpacking tents will serve just as well as tents sold for motorcycle riders. Take this into consideration when choosing your next tent.

Ease of Assembly

After a hard days ride, you need a tent that assembles quickly and easily such as Catoma’s Lone Rider tent or 2 Up 2 tent. These tents are specifically designed to for motorcycle riders and have all the features you need for road trips. Choosing wisely will save you time and make setup a breeze.

Tent Fabrics

There is really only one choice for a motorcyclist tent and that would be nylon. Nylon provides you with a lightweight and durable fabric that can be stored compactly. Canvas is not really an option due to its size and weight. Nylon tents can also use lightweight fiberglass or aluminum poles for framing systems.

Frame System

Tent frames can be made from several types of materials including, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Most common for smaller lightweight tents are fiberglass or aluminum, and this will be your best choice for a motorcycle tent. The easier your tent is to set up, the happier you will be. Using a tent with an insta-set frame is by far the simplest to assemble.

Additional Considerations

Look for the tent with a full coverage fly that extends to the ground. This will help keep you and the tent dry and warm. Bathtub style floors keep you and your gear moisture free. Choose no-see-um mesh screen over the standard screen to better protect you from bugs. Choosing your new tent wisely will ensure years of use and enjoyment on the road.

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