Top Six Person Family Camping Tents

Many families are looking for more affordable ways to get away from it all. Camping is now the thing to do for many families, however many don’t realize that there are a lot of different tent options to choose from. The size of your family as well as the comfort level that you are looking for will make a huge difference. Below you will find some of the top rated six person tents. Be sure to click on the link for each tent and visit the site to take a look at all of the comments written, and see all of the additional details.
Coleman Six Person Instant Tent

Right now the instant tent is one of the most popular tents among many families. This tent is great for families who are just starting out with camping. The tent is easy to set up and you can practically do it yourself. This tent comfortably sleeps six people, but the bag itself is heavy and bulky to carry, so make sure you have plenty of car space. You can comfortably fit two queen size mattresses inside. Prices can vary per website so be sure to look for deals.

Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Done Tent

This tent will cost you about $300 but it is really well worth the money. It sleeps six to ten people and is actually divided into about two rooms. It has the BoBe Dry rain protection system, which is a must when you go camping. This helps to keep the tent from soaking up rain. It also has a water proof rain fly. If it starts to rain a little bit during your trip this tent will keep you really nice and dry.

TAURUS Six Person Family Camping Dome Tent

This tent is very comfortable for six people, and it is completely water proof. If you are worried about rain or dew getting inside the tent, which sometimes happens when camping, but this tent will keep it out. This tent also helps to keep the bugs out. It offers separate rooms for privacy, and it is extra secure so it really keeps the bugs out. It also has guy ropes which helps to keep the tent secure in strong winds. On average the price is about $400.00, but it is really worth the money when you see exactly what you are getting.

PROSPERO 6 person family camping tent

This six person family camping tent is great for a family of four, or even a few more. This tent will cost you about $300, and has a UV coating to it. The inside areas are nicely separated and it has a waterproof floor and rain fly. The doors are made of solid fabric, and there are tents to help with the air flow. The unique look of this tent is also really nice if you are looking for something a little different.

Benefits of Canvas Camping Tents, Why It’s a Better Material Choice

There are plenty of different benefits of canvas camping tents to consider when you are trying to outfit yourself with the best camping gear. While a lot of people default to the newer, more stylish nylon tents, they don’t offer the best protection from the elements when you are out in nature. Nylon tents are fine for occasional camping excursions, but they don’t offer the same protection and durability of canvas tents. When you need the best tools for your camping experience, this is definitely the material to choose.
Canvas camping tents are heavy and durable. Unlike light, flimsy nylon material, these tents are designed to withstand any elements that they could face and provide you with a much better shelter than you would expect from anything else. Canvas tents are sturdy, weatherproof, and designed to last much longer than their nylon brethren. If you are looking for the ultimate in camping gear, canvas is always the better choice. This material also holds temperatures better, keeping you perfectly warm or cool, no matter what type of environment you might be in.

There is a lot to love about canvas camping tents. In terms of survival and temporary shelters, this protective, durable material definitely makes a better option than some other materials that are available. Of course, even just for an ordinary camping trip, canvas can provide a lot of different benefits. Whether you want a more durable tent or you’re just looking for something that will give you better protection from the elements, you can count on canvas to give you what you need. This material can be washed and cleaned with ease, allowing you to enjoy years of great use for any camping excursions or wilderness adventures that you embark upon.

Choosing the right camping gear is always going to make all the difference in your trip. You owe it to yourself to take the time to check out all of the different options that are out there and get the perfect tents and other gear for your needs. If canvas is something that you’re interested in, you should take the time to check out all of the different options that you have. Look around at different styles, sizes, and designs of canvas tents that you can choose from to make sure that you get the perfect cover for your next outdoor expedition, no matter how big or small it might be.

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Buying a Motorcycle Tent

There are few things to consider when reviewing and purchasing a new motorcycle camping tent. Deciding what your new tent budget is will help narrow your choices. Most motorcycle tents are compact, lightweight and easy to carry on your motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Rider's 4-Person Motorcycle Dome Tent
Harley-Davidson Rider’s 4-Person Motorcycle Dome Tent



This will probably be your greatest consideration. Most tents designed for motorcycle camping are 1 or 2 person tents. Tent capacity is based on the total number of people who will be using the tent at one time and their gear. Chose a size that can easily accommodate the number of persons and what gear needs to be protected. Solo riders may opt for a larger 2 person tent depending on how much gear they have to Stowe.


Weight is not a huge concern since you will not be carrying the tent as a backpacker would. But smaller tents are usually lighter and easier to pack onto your bike. Most backpacking tents will serve just as well as tents sold for motorcycle riders. Take this into consideration when choosing your next tent.

Ease of Assembly

After a hard days ride, you need a tent that assembles quickly and easily such as Catoma’s Lone Rider tent or 2 Up 2 tent. These tents are specifically designed to for motorcycle riders and have all the features you need for road trips. Choosing wisely will save you time and make setup a breeze.

Tent Fabrics

There is really only one choice for a motorcyclist tent and that would be nylon. Nylon provides you with a lightweight and durable fabric that can be stored compactly. Canvas is not really an option due to its size and weight. Nylon tents can also use lightweight fiberglass or aluminum poles for framing systems.

Frame System

Tent frames can be made from several types of materials including, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Most common for smaller lightweight tents are fiberglass or aluminum, and this will be your best choice for a motorcycle tent. The easier your tent is to set up, the happier you will be. Using a tent with an insta-set frame is by far the simplest to assemble.

Additional Considerations

Look for the tent with a full coverage fly that extends to the ground. This will help keep you and the tent dry and warm. Bathtub style floors keep you and your gear moisture free. Choose no-see-um mesh screen over the standard screen to better protect you from bugs. Choosing your new tent wisely will ensure years of use and enjoyment on the road.

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Marmot Earlight 2P (2 Person Tent)


Includes Gear Loft and Footprint

  • Sturdy Shelter
  • DAC Press-Fit Poles – Have Press-In Inserts for Increased Durability
  • Full Coverage Fly
  • Bare Bones Setup – Allows the Fly to be Used by Itself with Footprint to
  • Lightweight
  • Fully Waterproof Floor with Taped Seams Lifted Off the Ground


Let’s start with the weight and configuration. The manufacturer claims the weight of 5 lbs 5 oz / 2401 g and in the minimum configuration of 75.80z/2150 g. It is very good for two person tent with two tambours. I weighed and was upset, the weight is 97.3 oz/ 2761 grams. I believe, the manufacturer does not takes into account the weight of the footprint. I thought that it was not included in the standard package and I purchased it separately.

Marmot footprintFootprint is the second bottom of the tent, which allows it to be installed without the inside and protects the bottom from damage. I think, for bike trips, I should not use it, it was just laying on the the bike.

The weight of the components of the Marmot Earlight 2P Tent.

  • Shelter- 34.9oz /988 g
  • Fly tent- 32.4oz/918 g
  • Bare bones – 140z/398 g
  • Pegs (9 pieces, each for 063oz/18 g)
  • Straps – 6oz/172 g
  • Tent bag – 1.5oz/43 g
  • Footprint – 8.5oz/242 g

he just lay on his bicycle.


It is hub tent, probably the most popular at the moment. Set up is easiy and quick. I really liked their proprietary “DAC Press-Fit Poles – Have Press-In Inserts for Increased Durability

The tent is designed for two people. And it is quite spacious for two person. I like the big vestibules. You can place there a lot of stuff. And there are two entrances, it is very good! “Two doors design” was one of my most important criteria when choosing, not counting the weight.

The fly tent ventilates perfectly. Someone admires the ideal circulation of air in the tent, that there is never a condensation, and someone writes that it is impossible to sleep in it, it’s very cold and blows from everywhere.

I think, it is perfect, especially in the summer. And when it’s cold, the tent is quite comfortable too. Your sleeping bag should warm you, but not the tent.

Marmot Earlight canopy gap

There are a lot of pockets inside – 6 ones and one shelf. Zipper work fine. As the manufacturer claims – zippers are noiseless. The doors can be fixed so that it does not disturb when entering and leaving.

Canopy tent comes in bright orange and green colors. In the tent there are two ventilation windows. Quite large size, you can open and close them. The fabric does not go down to the ground. There is a gap made for better air circulation. The tent is designed for three seasonal use periods. My friends used the tent also in the winter, they spent the night at 5F. There were no censures.

The window in the canopy is also a controversial thing. I believe, it is not bad to see what is happening on the street, and on the other hand someone can look into it. In principle, the window can be covered from the inside.

I liked that the distance between the canopy and fly tent is quite large. They don’t touch each other in rain and wind, as a result they don’t get wet. The seams are well and reliably glued.


What I like

  • It is compact
  • Large vestibules, quite a lot of interior space
  • A lot of pockets
  • High quality zippers
  • Attachments to the bare bones

What I did not like

  • Weight weight is more than were claimed
  • Lack of rope for a side stretching

Doubtful design features

  • The canopy has too big gap to the ground
  • Window

But in general, it is a great tent. I recommend it.