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Very often I have to answer the question: “How to choose a tent, high quality and inexpensive?” Although there are many models of tents and their manufacturers, different manufacturers use similar designs. In our reviews we will describe the most popular tent models and compare their features. We’ll compare tents from different manufacturers and analyze the differences in price, reliability, quality, etc.

In our site you will find review of reliable products. The tent should be reliable: steady against the wind, waterproof, durable and at the same time as light as possible. The size matters. If the tent provides less than 17-20″ for one person – this is Spartan conditions. By the way, the sleeping pads, which we put on the bottom, usually have a width 20-25″, and it’s good when they are placed on the bottom without gaps. Nevertheless, “uncomfortable” tents can be recommended to people with sports interests, as well as for the winter: the more “pressed” people in the tent, the warmer it will be. If the tent provides about 20-25″, I  call it “normal conditions” product. In a “normal” tent you can lie without touching one another with your elbows. More 25″ for each person is too much for hiking.

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